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CB Graduation Announcements

: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I place the tissues?
They are to be inserted into the announcement on top of the text.
Why is the bottom edge of my announcements torn?
This is called a deckled edge for a decorative effect which is the style of the paper. This style has been chosen by the school.
Why were my announcements shipped flat and not folded?
All quality stationery products are shipped flat. This prevents damage from occurring during shipping - humidity changes when shipping across country can affect the announcements.

----- How to Fold Your Announcements -----
Side Fold
This YouTube video explains how to fold the Side-Fold Announcements.
 Top Fold
This YouTube video explains how to fold the Top-Fold Announcements.
Can the text of the announcement be changed?
You may request to alter the text. Depending on the type of changes, an additional set up fee may apply.
What is the standard shipping time?
If ceremony information has been confirmed from your school - your order will arrive 7-10 days from end of processing. Processing takes only 24 hours.
Is there a deadline for ordering announcements?
No. We will even accept orders after your graduation date.
Is there an express or Rush Delivery?
Yes. Ground delivery for announcement orders is $12.95 for shipping. Overnite Service is available for $34.95. Second Day Service is available for $29.95.
When should I mail my announcements?
Send your announcements approximately 2-3 weeks before graduation or up to 3 weeks after graduation.
Why am I being charged sales tax?
Because of new federal and state laws regarding Internet sales.
What if my announcements have a mistake printed on them?
If we have made a mistake on your announcements, there will be no fee to reprint. However, if the mistake is due to customer error, we can reprint them for 1/2 price.
Can you print my announcement text in Spanish?
Yes we can. When placing your order on the web, pick the Spanish text announcements under the Individual Items. Follow the instructions and type your text exactly as you want it to appear on the announcement. If you have any other questions please call our office and we'll be happy to help you.
I don't know the correct wording for my degree or major.
The Registrar's office at your College or University should be able to help you.


On which envelope do I place the envelope seal?
The inner envelope (the smaller one)
I received outer envelopes, but no inner envelopes. Why?
Double check your envelopes. The inner envelopes are often tucked under the flap of the outer envelopes.
What are the dimensions of the inner and outer envelopes?
Inner envelope is 4 5/8" X 6 1/4" Outer envelope is 4 3/4" X 6 1/2"


Who provides the picture for photo announcements.
CB Announcements/Balfour is not a photo company and has no affiliation with any photo company. The picture for the photo announcements is provided by the customer and uploaded at the time of placing the order.

Cap, Gown, Tassel

Is the tassel I purchase from your company to be worn at graduation?
If we offer a cap and gown at your school - the tassel we sell is to be worn at graduation. If the item states "souvenir tassel" this tassel is for your personal use and is not to be worn with your graduation regalia.
Return policy for Regalia (Cap, Gown, Tassel, Hood, etc).
Regalia can be returned (shipped back to our office) for a refund of product cost if unopened.

Privacy Policy

What is your privacy policy?
Please click here to read our privacy policy.



I was in a last minute panic and found your website. I ordered them on a Wednesday morning and they were on my front porch Friday afternoon. They were perfect and the paper and design was of excellent quality. In addition I talked with two reps by telephone who were extremely helpful. I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for excellent quality, a fair price, and extremely accurate and fast service.
Pam  |  Doylestown, Ohio

Thank you SO much for your wonderful, quick service!!! I placed my order last Tuesday just after 6:00 PM CT and my order was waiting on my doorstep Thursday evening when I arrived home from work. Your order and delivery processes are seamless and most efficient. I appreciate this so much. In addition, the announcements look GREAT. Thank You!!!!
Jill  |  University of Northern Iowa

Thank you for the services that your company provides to new graduates. The website employed by your company is concise, well-organized, and friendly-to-navigate through. The transition from the student to the competent professional is often quite difficult. You have provided an exceptional service to individuals experiencing high levels of stress at a time when life is moving with dizzying speed. The individuals that comprise the service component of your organization are to be commended for their supreme efforts and business oriented tactics. I will not hesitate to recommend your company by name.
Chris  |  University of Kansas

I did receive the announcements and I am very pleased! They are a better quality than the ones the school went with from another company. (I didn’t like the other announcements). I also thought the personal customer service with your company was the best. Thank you so much and I have an 11 year old and I will do business with you again. Thanks.
Jean  |  Lebanon Senior High School

Thank you for the beautiful job on my graduation announcements, and their timely delivery. I am so impressed with the efficiency with which your company functions.
Julie  |  Utah State University

I ordered my announcements on a Friday and they were at my doorstep on Tuesday. Not only did they look great, (a lot nicer than the competitors) but your service was great too! Thanks!
Kristin  |  University of Kansas

There are no words to express our appreciation for all you did to make it possible for my son to get his announcements, despite the fact they were ordered late. You were just great to be so willing to be as accommodating as possible. And, you came through. Our order arrived yesterday. We won’t forget your kindness and all you did.
Deanne  |  University of California, Riverside

I am surprised how quickly I received my order. I received it today, 2 days after I ordered it. Thank you for being so quick.
Cheryl  |  California State University, Los Angeles

Thank you for the prompt response. Graduation is June 18, I really appreciate your efforts to get the other tassel to me!! I also should mention that the announcements, thank you notes, and Certificate of Appreciation look fabulous. I am very excited to send them out to my family and friends. Thanks to your company. I appreciate the top quality of your products.
Pamela  |  University of California, Irvine

Thank You! My daughter called me and said she received her announcements today! I could hardly believe it, I only ordered them Monday evening. That was the fastest service I have ever had with any order any where. I am impressed.
Linda  |  Fort Hays State University

Thank you for your professional services. You have gone out of your way and I appreciate that. I will definitely be using your services again as we will have another graduation coming soon and two younger children to follow. Thanks.
Cheryl  |  California State University, Fullerton

I received my invitations on Wednesday! WOW! They exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the excellent, fast service!
Catherine  |  Stephens College

I received the announcements that I ordered. They are perfect. I ordered on Saturday, and received them today (Tuesday). What quick service and they are exactly as I ordered. Thank you.
Jeff  |  University of Missouri

I must take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with one of your representatives, Kimberly. I placed an order and had some special requests. She has been most helpful, and a real pleasure to work with. She is truly an asset to your organization. I am a customer service/sales supervision myself, and recognize and appreciate excellent customer service. Thank you very much.
Alice  |  North Carolina State University

Thank you so much. Your company has been nothing but wonderful. Thank you for such great customer service. Today, there is so little thought and care given and I wanted you to know how much it meant to me to be treated with such kindness. My little order was treated with as much compassion as your big orders—and I want you to know that my little order means as much and probably more than the people with the huge orders. Thank you so much!
Dawn  |  Arizona State University

Thank you... your Customer service is great... it is a shame that more companies are not like yours...
Julie  |  Air Force Academy

Thank you very much for the quick answer. Good Customer service is hard to find now days. I appreciate your truthfulness, too. It’s nice that the order will be out so fast! Have a great Holiday Season.
Victoria  |  University of Colorado, Boulder

Thank you so much! I got my announcements yesterday already. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will use you again in a year and a half when number 2 graduates!!!
Diane  |  University of Missouri
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